Lorena Canals – Alfombra Azteca Natural, Lavable, de algodón, Color Nude Vintage (120 x 160 x 30 cm)

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In a choice of 3 lovely combinations, there is an Azteca Rug to suit any child’s bedroom or in fact any room in your home. These handmade carpets are individually created by talented crafts men and women in northern India and this design reflects those of the native tribes of Mexico. The Aztecs inspired many aspects of South American art and design for centuries; in fact the bold colours and simplistic linear designs are still a strong and beautiful part of many interior home schemes today. Choose one of these three gorgeous colour combinations depending on which would best fit your own cosy space. All are just scrummy, so you can’t make a wrong choice!Why should I buy a Lorena Canals rug for my home? Every Lorena Canal rug selected by Cuckooland is: Machine-washable: can be easily washed at home in a conventional washing machine. Handmade: Created with care and produced individually by skilled artisans in India. Eco-friendly: 100% natural cotton dipped in natural non-toxic dyes. Light: due to its flexible and soft structure. Unique: no two rugs are alike. Each one is individually produced so will be a one-off product. Socially Responsible: money from every purchase helps to provide education to children living in northern India.The Sakula Project – Educating Children in India: Lorena Canals provides schooling for children in northern India. With the purchase of one of their rugs, you will be helping a child attend school. Education is vital in breaking the poverty cycle. So by purchasing a Lorena Canal product, you are not only helping children to get an education, but also the opportunity to live a better life. For more information, click on the following link: http://lorenacanals.com/en/sakula-project.html: Azteca rug Available in 3 colours: Vintage Nude, Vintage Blue and Terracota Available in 2 sizes: 120 x 160 cm and 140 x 200 cm Safe for Children Great for home with pets


  • Algodón 100 % y tintes no tóxicos.
  • Cuidadosamente hecha a mano hilo a hilo de forma tradicional.
  • Fácil de lavar y lavable a máquina.
  • Crea un ambiente cálido y acogedor.
  • Compatible con suelos radiantes.